Module: tf.quantization

Public API for tf.quantization namespace.


dequantize(...): Dequantize the 'input' tensor into a float Tensor.

fake_quant_with_min_max_args(...): Fake-quantize the 'inputs' tensor, type float to 'outputs' tensor of same type.

fake_quant_with_min_max_args_gradient(...)大牛时代配资: Compute gradients for a FakeQuantWithMinMaxArgs operation.

fake_quant_with_min_max_vars(...): Fake-quantize the 'inputs' tensor of type float via global float scalars min

fake_quant_with_min_max_vars_gradient(...)大牛时代配资: Compute gradients for a FakeQuantWithMinMaxVars operation.

fake_quant_with_min_max_vars_per_channel(...): Fake-quantize the 'inputs' tensor of type float and one of the shapes: [d],

fake_quant_with_min_max_vars_per_channel_gradient(...): Compute gradients for a FakeQuantWithMinMaxVarsPerChannel operation.

quantize(...)大牛时代配资: Quantize the 'input' tensor of type float to 'output' tensor of type 'T'.

quantize_and_dequantize(...)大牛时代配资: Quantizes then dequantizes a tensor.

quantized_concat(...): Concatenates quantized tensors along one dimension.

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